How ‘Going Out’ Can Benefit Your Business & Boost Morale in the Workplace

Corporate Event Planning

Have things at work been feeling stagnant?

Maybe you’ve noticed the work ethic has dwindled and your employees are having a hard time staying motivated. The summer weather hasn’t helped either, but you could use this as an opportunity to plan something fun for the staff! Take a break from work responsibilities for an evening and decompress with good food and interactive activities in a relaxed environment.

It’s time for a team outing!

Vacation Season Blues

It’s no surprise that when the weather gets warmer, people’s productivity and focus goes out the door…

Seeing friends and family members on vacation might make you a little jealous and wishing you were somewhere else other than your job. In a study from Harvard University, participants were assigned one of two things before work: they were shown six pictures of outdoor activities in warm weather such as sailing or eating outdoors, or were asked to describe their daily routines (Maria Konnikova, “Why Summer Makes Us Lazy”). Those that were shown pictures of outdoor activities found it more difficult to focus at work, decreasing their work productivity and instead, focused on what they’d rather be doing…

Share a Meal and De-Stress

“The team that eats together, succeeds together.”

Reconnect with coworkers by engaging with one another over a bite of food and drinks!

This can help strengthen workplace relationships as well as counteract burnout and the fear of missing out by spending quality time getting to know one another. There’s nothing like a good, shared meal to bring people together.

Finding a restaurant with a casual yet stimulating setting promotes where people will want to gather and help employees want to connect with one another comfortably.

Team outing benefits

Team-building activities are a great way to boost work morale, increase productivity and work performance, build social connections, and lower stress in the workplace. According to an article for Forbes, “Strong social connections make people happier and physically healthier, which can translate into work performance. Employers who support social connections in the workplace and help employees form strong relationships with one another help build a successful workforce” (Alan Kohll, “5 Reasons Social Connections Can Enhance Your Employee Wellness Program).

As an employer, giving your employees an enjoyable, mental health break from their mundane work routine with a night out and good food can only boost inner work functions further and improve your skills and reputation as an influential, workplace leader.


Why not take the summer season stagnation as an opportunity to bring coworkers together at an outdoor, social gathering and book your next outing with a restaurant that accommodates large, corporate parties near you!

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