3 Tips for Choosing the Right Venue for Your Wedding Event

Wedding planning is stressful. There are so many events crammed into just 2-3 days…

The welcome party, the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, the reception, the farewell brunch… and all the decisions can be overwhelming.

Perhaps the most important decision, though, is choosing the right venue to host each event. An experienced venue will anticipate your needs and allow you to relax and feel taken care of on your big day. But with so many venue options, it can be difficult choosing the right one.

Below are a few quick tips to help direct your focus to what’s really important when choosing a venue for your event.

First, don’t mind the details so much.

A good event venue will have plenty of options for you, so you don’t have to come up with the specifics all on your own. For instance, at McKenzie Brew House there are 8 upscale, casual event spaces to choose from, 15 customizable food and beverage packages and most importantly, a personal event coordinator that will have your back throughout the entire planning process.

Pictures of food and beverage options are helpful to decide on the menu. Any dietary restrictions? No problem, the right event coordinator will know exactly what alternatives your guests’ will be able to enjoy. And if you have the time, menu tasting is a bonus. Just ask the restaurant you’re considering booking with.

Second, communication!

 Book with a business who gets back to you right away. It’s likely not the right venue (but unfortunately normal) if they take 3-5 business days to get back to you. Not everything always runs according to plan and we understand that there may be last minute changes, so a 24-hour response time should really make or break your decision when it comes to choosing the venue, including waiting for an initial reply and after booking responses.

Also, take note of how flexible their cancellation policies are. Deposits are expected with event booking, but most venues will only return a fraction of your deposit if you need to cancel. Policies regarding 90/60/30-day cancellation requests with partial refund could just be taking advantage of your money.

It will be an easy decision and quick relief for you to book with a company that allows a 2-week cancellation request, ensuring a full refund. This goes to show they’re more understanding and willing to accommodate any last-minute changes that come up.

Third, ask yourself, “is this the vibe?”

Making sure the atmosphere matches the comfort level you’re going for is really important.

Look over the event spaces online or tour the establishment prior to booking to ensure you feel confident about your final decision. Casual? Kidfriendly? Private adult party? A venue that provides a variety of event spaces to choose from is recommended so you can find the right setting for yours and your guests’ comfort.


Consider booking one of your wedding events with a restaurant – a place where people gather to celebrate with food and drinks will make for a truly memorable and bonding experience for all.

**Courtesy of McKenzie Brew House and their Event Planning & Coordinating experience**

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